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Evans VP-1 "Annie"
In July 2020 Strut member John Lindsay reluctantly put his Evans VP-1 "Annie" up for sale. He would have loved it if she could have stayed in the area, although mainly he was looking for anyone who would give her a good home.

In early October a posting was noticed on the "UK Small Airfields" Facebook group from the "Picnic with the Planes" event on 12th September at Eshott (Northumberland), which included photos of "Annie" out in the sun.

Not thinking that John would have made the flight all the way up there for this event, it was assumed he must have sold her. Checking with John, a sale had indeed been made and agreed to share the details.

To John's complete surprise he sold “Annie” within HOURS of the advert appearing in the August LAA magazine. Overall he had ten or twelve enquiries, including two from people who were happy to buy her unseen. However, John liked the sound of the first person who made contact, Sam Woodgate and the Eshott set-up, partly because they are assembling a collection of varied and interesting aircraft up there, including three Taylor Monoplanes and obviously understand plans-built wood and fabric aircraft such as the VP-1.

Knowing how far Eshott is away from Essex, John quite expected that Annie would make the journey on a trailer but Sam was quite happy to fly her up there in a day. He believes that Sam stopped four times on the way to refuel and to stretch his legs. As John is someone who tended to bimble over to Old Buckenham or Headcorn, the longest trip being to Goodwood, John was filled with admiration for Sam’s great achievement and his also delighted that "Annie" is going to be used far more than he would have been able to because of other current preoccupations.

So sounds like John's wish has come true as it seems "Annie" has indeed gone to a great new home.

Such a lovely story and positive outcome

Photos of "Annie" at the Eshott "Picnic with the Planes" on 12th September taken by Peter Forbes ©
(Many thanks to Peter for giving permission to use these)

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